Sunday, January 28, 2007

Chow Baby!!

Greetings all you readers from home. I am currently sitting in Rome, doing as the Romans do on Sunday. Nothing. However, I have hit the local Hard Rock Cafe for lunch. It was pretty good, and I got another pin to add to my collection.

Flying over, we used Delta airlines. Typically I prefer United airline, mainly because that is the airline I usually use and I like the co-share they have with Lufthansa. I also have most of my miles from United. The flight wasn't crowded so I got the row to myself. My colleague was disappointed at first, but then moved and got a row to himself. The few "kids" that were onboard we not to crazy for the 9 hour flight. I slept a good portion of the flight. Just before take off the stewardess explained "This flight is not full, so if you would like to sit next to someone more attractive, take this time to move to an open seat." I would like to say that a fight broke out between Carmen Electra and Shania Twain to have the honor of sitting next to me, but it didn't happen and I flew alone. But at least the stewardess was honest to let us choose. The flight was in an older aircraft where everyone watches the same movie on screens located in the aisles. The first blockbuster to show for this flight, was it going to be a great action flick? Maybe a borderline funny comedy? NOPE, it was The Queen. Great, I am sure it would be interesting, but not enough to watch on a 15" screen from 7 rows back. So I utilized my Ipod to its fullest capability and watch something else. Then I slept.

Keep checking back for more updates.

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