Sunday, January 21, 2007

Secrets to good service

Recently, Kirby and I decided to enjoy dinner at a popular chain restaurant. I enjoyed the food very much. So I am not griping about the quality of food. It was actually very good. Unos Chicago Grill has a great menu and, as I said, the food was very good and reasonably priced. Kirby and I enjoy a good meal together about once a week. We have noticed a few a things that tend to irritate us during the dinning process, and I thought I would offer some insight to the people who decide to be part of a wait staff. This could improve your tips, it effects the way I give tips, and I am sure it does the same to others.

1. Be courteous. If your last customer was a jerk, it doesn't mean I will be. I really don't care if your dog just died or boyfriend ran off with that slut next door, I just want to eat without having a side of attitude.
2. Don't let my drink go empty. This is my pet peeve, I drink lots of tea when I am at dinner, I don't like sucking down to the ice for that last drop of refreshing liquid to was down something hot.
3. Appetizers come before the meal, not at the same time. (self explanatory)
4. Be honest. If your busy and short handed, I will understand, just tell me "I will be with you in a minute", I can live with that. It doesn't mean twenty minutes, but five minutes is about as long as I can wait on a "I will be with you in a minute" statement.
5. Try to serve the food hot. Your munching on a good steak or nice chicken breast and decide to have a bite of cold steamed vegetables. I don't think so.
6. At least ask if we want dessert and or coffee before you bring the check.
7. Pay attention. If one orders a meal and a side cannot be substituted, fine. When one asks you not to bring a certain item, don't bring it. It just gets in the way of the food we do want, and possibly slides over on the plate and contaminates the rest of the food. (like an eggplant, yuck)

Just a thought.

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Anonymous said...

Speaking of, we need to take you out to dinner for helping move about 8 U-Haul's worth of stuff. ;)
Thanks again!!

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