Sunday, February 11, 2007

The Italian Job

Since the internet is so expensive here, I am not posting very often. But I wanted to give an update from my last post. I have toured Florence with great success. I was able to see David, by Michelangelo. It was awesome, to think that a man was carved out of marble in a time when power tools were not available, it will strike new levels of respect for classical artists.

If you are to take a trip to Italy, I would say a stop in Florence would be a must. First, it is not as busy as Rome, and the food is better. I think the laid back attitudes of the folks there contribute to the overall feeling that Florence is a nice little town to visit. If you come to Rome on Vacation, Florence is a one and half hour train ride from Rome. If you take the Eurostar Train. It is non stop, but pay for the first class ticket. The extra room is worth the few extra Euros. (It cost us 47 euros per person) You can make a day of it because the trains run just about all night.

Here in Rome, I was able to get out and view a bunch of the sites. We have a centrally located hotel close to the Spanish steps. We walked from there to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and then to the Colosseum. It will cost you 11 euros to enter the Colosseum. I think it is worth it if you have never been inside before. On a previous trip I made it to the Vatican museum, so I did not go there this time, but it takes a couple of hours to see everything in there, so plan on a good morning for that if you go. If I have the opportunity to hit it this time around I will, but it isn't looking good for the home team.

In a future post I will give some information about different restaurants and areas to eat.

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Kirby said...

Good to see you haven't forgotten how to post on here. It is also nce that you are getting a chance to enjoy this trip.

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