Thursday, February 01, 2007

More Adventures in Italy

Well not really adventures. Just work. But I plan on correcting that this weekend. So keep checking back.

I wanted every one of my readers to know that I was still on the road. Internet cost 14 Euros a day. Today was a pretty normal day, got up and had breakfast and then went to work. I did go to a good restaurant here in Florence for lunch. Funny thing about Italy, they have Mexican restaurants, Chinese restaurants but no Italian Restaurants. They don't call it Italian Food either. They just call them restaurants that serve food. Go Figure. They do have some great American Restaurants, McDonald's and Burger King. (That was a joke) Most countries have a food that is associated with them, Italians have pasta, the Chinese have rice, America has Burger King. I think we are a little behind on the fine dining experiences.

This is a great city with a ton of history, but it also has a ton of graffiti. Great architecture and beautiful buildings are de-faced by young people. It really is a shame. My favorite artist, MICHELANGELO, has his master piece, David, on display here and I am hoping to get a chance to see it.

Finished watching the series of Firefly. Pretty interesting in crossing the Wild West with Star Trek. Some of the characters were over the top cheesy, but entertaining. In one of the episodes a particular character was a hero on a world he had visited previously. The residents had built a statue of him and wrote songs about him and everything. It turns out he was a hero because he made a mistake that cost him a bunch of money. The series didn't last long on TV but I sure enjoyed it. When I return to Rome this weekend I plan on watching the First season of Scrubs everyday afterwork.

Talk again soon.

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Kirby said...

So when are you coming home? It is looking like you are going to miss thesnow again this year!

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