More Roman features

Tonight while walking around I saw a couple of strange things. First an unusually Tall women with a weird silhouette. I assumed it was a women by the long hair and apparent thin neck. As I approached she turned into a man with his young daughter on his shoulders. Just a little optical illusion. Then a little further down the street, I saw a man in the telephone booth, using a phone. You may think this is normal, but he was using a cell phone. I guess the reception is better in the little box with aluminum frame and glass window.

Not much touring since my last post, although while riding in a roman taxi, we were almost T-boned. Would not have known whose fault it was, but it was near two hours before I could pass gas again.

A shout out to IT, Sunshine, Kirby, and Ms Cherry. See you all later.

Hope the Mayo clinic crowd is reading this, Hey Guys.



gatorham2000 said…
Wow, normally a T-bone is a good thing!

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