Monday, February 19, 2007


That is ROME. In Roman. Ha Ha. Anyway, the trip is coming to an end and I have made a couple of tourist stops to share. Remember to check back in a week for some advice on where to eat and what to do. Yesterday, I took a long overdo break and visited a few sites here in Rome. I went to the Pantheon and the Castle St Angelo. While out and about it began to rain, and conveniently, there were about a hundred umbrella sellers out selling umbrellas. This is the fate of unskilled workers in the EU. But not just umbrella sellers, they had fake pocket books, fake watches and fake designer belts and sunglasses. It is really interesting to see the capitalist spirit on the side of the road. It does kinda get in the way of fine photography though.
Yesterday I watched Gladiator on the TV to see what Rome may have looked like in her hay day. It was interesting. I have been to the Coliseum and it doesn't look big enough for the events depicted in the movie. Oh well. This is most likely my last post until I return. Thanks for the Italians that showed me around and put up with me for the last couple of weeks. Check back before next weekend for further news.

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gatorham2000 said...

When in Rome .... watch Gladiator!!

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