Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Easter

It is Easter here in Benin. Everything is going well, and it is a great day. I only have one complaint. I believe one of the sermons I downloaded onto my Ipod was corrupt. The darn thing just locked up this morning. I was able to listen to a Charles Stanley message, which was nice, but the Love Worth Finding wasn't working. Oh well.

Yesterday was a day of rain. So I sat in my hotel room, busy as ever, playing the PSP. I have a game called hot shots golf. A must if you don't own it. I played several rounds and I am getting better. You get these cool animated characters and then you are able to make some great shots. It can also be frustrating, when you miss the perfect impact.

Well, Have a good Easter and remember God Loves you.

Also, Parents of Tronster, you need to write your son.

A shout out to my Friend Mullet. :-)

Until next time, remember you will never finish until you start.

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