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Moving Woes

Well I am moving, and all though I haven't been posting regularly, I have been working on moving. The new place will not have internet the first month or so. Why? How could this be? Well, I have discovered that Comcast the great is incapable of transferring a customer account from one county to another. Most be a two county rule or something. Anyway, when I contacted my friendly neighborhood comcast agent, he said "Sure we can move your account" Then asked to where, and I replied the city I was moving in, and he said "Oh, that is a different county, you will have to close this account and open that one." I just want a transfer. Nope can't do it. Technology today has a device the size of a deck of cards that can give spoken driving directions to the most obscure places in the USA, but Comcast can't transfer an account across county lines. Go figure. I am putting in my forwarding address and letting all my loyal readers know that I am not gone

Pictures from the other side

You might be thinking, Where is the other side? Well let me tell ya. I was just in Contonou Benin and my bathroom was full of pink porcelain. Everything was ink, take a look...... Now I survived this traumatic event OK.


I know, it has been a long time. My name is Tronster and I have been a blogger slacker. Not because I haven't had anything interesting to post about. I have traveled to 2 more countries. Togo and Benin. I had to return to the fine metropolitan of Cotonou Benin to do some warranty work, 1 week after returning the first time. Then it was Mother's day, and Tronster had to visit Mom, or I wouldn't get any of her bills willed to me. So I traveled 18 hours both ways to Benin. Though the dreaded Charles de Gaulle airport. My least favorite in the entire world. I have been t some small airports, and airports without any real services, but de Gaulle is still my least favorite. And then drove 6 1/2 hours to visit Parents of Tronster. While visiting, I landed on Mom and knocked her to the ground. You see, I was playing catch with my cousin and he threw the ball over my head and I jumped up to catch it and she was behind me. However, over all it was a good trip. Oh Yeah,