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LOST Season II

Well back to the luggage story. You see, the airlines knew my luggage was not on the plane, so I waited. The next day, the flight did not come in until 5 minutes after 5. So I left work a little early, we work until 530, and wet to the hotel. The Airways here has been accommodating. They provided me a driver and an airport expert to assist with re-aquiring my bags. So we took a van to the airport and met the airport "expert". Then we find out that the plane has been delayed until 545. No big deal, it is already 530. We can wait. Then the driver and "expert" tell me they get off at 6pm and need to change out at the hotel. SO we ride to the hotel and I get new helpers. We return to the airport and go through security and they tell us the flight is delayed until 630. When the flight finally arrives, I have to wait until all the passengers clear customs. Fair Enough. Except there is someone on the flight who has to have a waiver or receipt for something he

Luggage and Travel

First, I want to apologize for the poor writing you must endure while reading my little blog. I do appreciate all the visitors and wish there were more. I believe I would have more readers if I posted more often, so I will try. In traveling so much, internet is not always available. So I will do my best. About the luggage. My last trip was a 31 hour ordeal that took me across the USA to LA and then to Australia. From there I flew to Port Moresby Papua New Guinea. The flights, in each of there little part, was not bad. Very little turbulence and new aircraft with personal entertainment centers. None of them were very crowded either. So it wasn't bad. However, in transit through through LA international, we had to check in with Qantas Air in a different terminal than the one we landed in. Trouble enough. They had us rush through because "the plane is boarding now". NOT. Not only were they not boarding, but the flight had been delayed and the plane wasn't

South Pacific Travel

I am in Port Moresby, blogging from the other side of the world. It really is nice here with the exception of the high humidity. They have an attitude similar to the islands in the Caribbean. Laid Back. Anyway, I have been here for a few days and realized it is time to update the loyal readers I have. Both of you. Ha Ha. I need to get better at this. In my defense, I have been extremely busy the last few weeks. Casa de Tronster has moved from Alexandria VA to Manassas Park VA. I am now the proud owner of a new condo. Really spiffy I think. However, I didn't move any of that old crappy furniture I had, so I have no furniture. Then I got an assignment to put me traveling for a couple of weeks and figured that I didn't need any Internet. Wrong. Anyway, check back in couple of days for a story about my luggage.