Monday, July 09, 2007

Surabaya adventures

Well, I have departed the fine city of Port Moresby and I am now in Surabaya. What a fun place. I am staying in the Shangri-La hotel. It is very nice, and staff is so attentive. I want to say hi to the staff of the GRO. Hey there.

So want adventures can I speak of here. The taxi rides are fun. The painted lane lines are just suggestions here, and everyone uses the horn. However, there is not a lot of road rage. So its fun.

Also, as you may imagine, I carry lots of little electronic gadgets to occupy my time when I ma on the road. All the gadgets power supplies are multi voltage (110-240) except one. My razor, I found this out after I blew up the transformer. So I might get one more trim out of it before the battery dies and it rests forever here in Surabaya.

That is about all for now. Check back for more updates.

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