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Birthday Surprises

Well its my birthday and I am in East Timor. Work was especially tuff, figures its my birthday, and I had a bad day. The Discovery Inn in Dili made it better. While I was out they delivered a nice little surprise, some muffins. They are very good. They did drop off three, I have only eaten one so far. They are big and chocolate. Maybe I will have another right now. Talk to you later and check back for more updates.

Dili and Beyond

Well I have arrived at my next work location. I am now in Timor-Leste. Which is Portraguese for East Timor. Which is a troubled little country just a little north of Australia. My Stay in Bali was nice, I had a bit of a backache, probably from all the economy flights I take, so I just stayed at the hotel and slept. My taxi ride from the hotel was exciting. It was Indonesia’s Independence Day. Evidently this affects traffic patterns on the little island. I hired a driver for the ride through the stand at the hotel; She said 10 to 15 min. 35 minutes later the ride has come. No worries, I have plenty of time. He transports me to the airport, I tell him, “I am on my way to Dili.” He says “Great, I will take you to the airport and it will not take long, because there is not to much of a line for the short flight. He drops me off about 20 meters from the terminal (this is as close as you can get). When I show my passport and ticket to the security guard, he tells me you want th

Singapore Adventure

Well I am at the airport waiting for my plane to Bali. I did not have the opportunity to go on the night safari I wanted to see. I did make it to the underwater world aquarium. That was really cool. They had sting rays and puffer fish you could touch. It was a really cool experience. In a couple of the aquariums on display, there were radio antennas on the glass and radio transmitters on the fish. When the fish would swim past the antenna, a screen would give you the information about the fish. I really cool idea using technology to educate. Also last night at the beach resort, they put on a laser light show. This was mainly a kids attraction, but I am just a big kid. They had water and fire shooting up in the air, and multicolor lights bouncing off the water spray, it was impressive. I say, “Good Job”. If you are ever in Singapore, check out the Songs by the Sea show at Sentosa.

Singapore Arrival

Well I have arrived alive in Singapore. It is 1:00 am, and I went to the wrong hotel. Last time I was here, my connection hooked me up with a stay at the Changi Village hotel. It turns out that they are full. Lucky for me, LH had good taste and excellent planning abilities. She sure is great. I was booked in at a resort in Sentosa Beach here in Singapore. A much better place for a relaxing break. The room even had furniture. While here I plan on checking out the Aquarium and a night safari at the Singapore Zoo.


Well it is Saturday, and although it seems like a short time ago, I am on may way again tomorrow. I will take a couple of personal days in Singapore on my way out to the next Job. When I returned the last time, it was pretty much a bummer. I had no girlfriend, no furniture and no Internet at the new place. So, I went to Lazy Boy and bought a mammoth couch. This thing is their top of the line Theater seating. Very nice. It will be delivered tonight. Talk to you later.


Well I am about to depart Indonesia. This will be my last post from here. Many things have occurred. I am heading home a single man. My Sunshine has departed, and I might get to see her once more, she will be missed. As I leave indonesia, I must say goodbye to another person that I have met. She is a guest relation person at the hotel I am staying. We talked a lot and shared many memories. Her company made the time away from home almost pleasant. I am going to miss her. While I was here i did many great things. I purchased some movies, I went to the movies, I went bowling, and I went on a safari. During the safari I got to hold a baby chimp and a young leopard. That was really great fun. Both the hotels I stayed in were very good, I would recommend the Shangri-La in Surabaya and the Mandarin Oriental in Jakarta. The Mandarin is an older hotel, however, there staff is extremely friendly and helpful. In bowling, I beat my colleague 3 games to 2 until the last night we we