Friday, August 17, 2007

Dili and Beyond

Well I have arrived at my next work location. I am now in Timor-Leste. Which is Portraguese for East Timor. Which is a troubled little country just a little north of Australia. My Stay in Bali was nice, I had a bit of a backache, probably from all the economy flights I take, so I just stayed at the hotel and slept. My taxi ride from the hotel was exciting. It was Indonesia’s Independence Day. Evidently this affects traffic patterns on the little island. I hired a driver for the ride through the stand at the hotel; She said 10 to 15 min. 35 minutes later the ride has come. No worries, I have plenty of time. He transports me to the airport, I tell him, “I am on my way to Dili.” He says “Great, I will take you to the airport and it will not take long, because there is not to much of a line for the short flight. He drops me off about 20 meters from the terminal (this is as close as you can get). When I show my passport and ticket to the security guard, he tells me you want the international terminal, 300 meters across the airport. So I lug my two suitcases, man purse and backpack to the next terminal. I am now all sweaty and ready for a break. Getting into the airport was no hassle at all and I was able to gain access to the lounge, through my Priority Pass membership. I had some coffee and water and boarded the plane.

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