Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Singapore Adventure

Well I am at the airport waiting for my plane to Bali. I did not have the opportunity to go on the night safari I wanted to see. I did make it to the underwater world aquarium. That was really cool. They had sting rays and puffer fish you could touch. It was a really cool experience. In a couple of the aquariums on display, there were radio antennas on the glass and radio transmitters on the fish. When the fish would swim past the antenna, a screen would give you the information about the fish. I really cool idea using technology to educate.

Also last night at the beach resort, they put on a laser light show. This was mainly a kids attraction, but I am just a big kid. They had water and fire shooting up in the air, and multicolor lights bouncing off the water spray, it was impressive. I say, “Good Job”. If you are ever in Singapore, check out the Songs by the Sea show at Sentosa.

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