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Brunei departure

Well I left the country of Brunei. I am currently sitting in the Singapore International Airport. I have a log layover here for my flight tonight. I was not sure what time I could get to the airport when I was booking my flight. So I am here now. A couple of things. I want to say high to Number 1 and Number 2 at the DeRoyalle Café I Brunei. Also a hardy Happy Birthday to Number 2. Thanks you guys for taking care of me while I was there. You and the rest of the staff are awesome. I am ready to return to casa de Tronster. I will need to put many things together and hopefully turn my house into a home this weekend. Until next time

More From BSB

Well, still in Brunei. Hope to leave on time. I have been hanging out at this cool little coffee shop called the DeRoyalle Café. It is right up the street from work and not to far from the hotel. The staff are so nice to my colleagues and me. I have had fun with them. I am ready to get home though. It won`t be easy there. I have lots of work to do to Casa de Tronster. Keep reading and leave comments. I want to send out a shout to the Discovery Inn in Dili. They really were the best part of that place. It has potential, and I think, and hope, in a few years things work out for them.


Boy do I owe my readers a few updates. First, I am no longer in Bali. I am now in Brunei. It’s a nice place, very safe. Evidently I arrived during the rainy season. It has rained almost every day since I have been here. It has also been hot. My understanding is that there is finally a break in the summer back home. I am not sure though. The job here is going OK. I am expecting some reinforcement tonight, so they can help me with a few little glitches. I have been missing my Sayang here lately. You will have to guess what it means. I hope to see her again real soon. More to follow.

Going, Going, Gone

Departing Dili. The flight was close to on time. I have had colleagues and people I know leaving Dili in the last couple of weeks, and all of their flights were delayed at least 2 hours. I guess I am special that way. My flight was only ten minutes late. Knock on wood, one of the 4 remaining flights on this trip will probably be late. Arrival in Bali. Wow was immigration slow today. First, the flight attendant quit passing out immigration cards the row in front of mine. You have to fill in one of these cards before getting in line or when you arrive at the desk, they will give you one and then back of the line you go. They had none of the cards readily available at the airport. Once I finally got one, I stood in line for an hour waiting. The good news is, someone else pulled my two bags off the little baggage carousel. Through customs and the hotel has a man waiting. Awesome. When I arrive at the Hotel Padma, they set me up in a villa. A villa is so much more cool than a

Dili, Dili, Dili

2 days left in Dili. Can’t wait to leave.

Day off

Another day off. And much to do. OK not much. You might see several entries today. Work here is wrapping up, and I will be departing soon. I will miss this place like some people miss a toothache. Timor is a very interesting place. They have an opportunity here to make a great little country. I will keep my eye on this place for several years and watch its developing over the next few years.


The hotel staff invited me to a cook out last night. It was great. On the roof. How cool is that. It seems, as the Filipino nation is taking over the world, they are having cookouts on roofs of hotels world wide. It was a birthday party for Ms. N. So there was BBQ chicken and Pork, and lumpia. One of my favorite Filipino dishes. They had a gas grill, but the regulator was a high-pressure regulator. This would cause a flamethrower effect in the grill. So we had to use the restaurantto cook the meat. All was good. A party on the roof, how cool. The hotel has made this place bearable and I appreciate everything they have done.

Holiday is Timor

Well today is an official American holiday, and therefore the office is closed. Never mind the fact that we are in Timor-Leste. There is still a holiday. Anyway, I get to sit around and watch TV, surf the Internet, and read a book. That’s just what I did. Nothing of real importance. Ha Ha.

Blog Blog Blog..........

It is now September 2007. I am fast approaching my 3 year mark of posting here at The tronster has had many adventures, and this little venue has allowed me to share that with family and friends. It also helps me not to have to write 4 million emails a week to keep people posted on my whereabouts. By the counter below, I have had some 3000+ hits on this page, and I am very excited that the next three years will be just as good. I hope to double that. How you might ask. By self promotion and begging all my readers to tell their friends about it. SO, tell all you friends. Many things have changed in three years. I have had a love interest who wasn’t interested, a girlfriend I could never marry, sold and bought a place to live, gone through three cars and 2 dogs, and I have now put my foot on 6 of 7 continents and I have made friends worldwide. I have yet to travel around the world, but I have been ¾ of the way. I wonder if my next thirty years of life I can


I have a buddy keeping an eye on my Condo in DC. Since I have bought it, (just over a ¼ million dollars) I have spent more time in the Mandarin Oriental in Jakarta, the Shangri-La in Surabaya and now the Discovery Inn in Dili. All this time my good friend has kept an eye on the place for me. Thanks Kirby. I owe you big time. At this rate I will have to rebuild his jeep all by myself.