Saturday, September 01, 2007

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It is now September 2007. I am fast approaching my 3 year mark of posting here at The tronster has had many adventures, and this little venue has allowed me to share that with family and friends. It also helps me not to have to write 4 million emails a week to keep people posted on my whereabouts. By the counter below, I have had some 3000+ hits on this page, and I am very excited that the next three years will be just as good. I hope to double that. How you might ask. By self promotion and begging all my readers to tell their friends about it. SO, tell all you friends.

Many things have changed in three years. I have had a love interest who wasn’t interested, a girlfriend I could never marry, sold and bought a place to live, gone through three cars and 2 dogs, and I have now put my foot on 6 of 7 continents and I have made friends worldwide. I have yet to travel around the world, but I have been ¾ of the way. I wonder if my next thirty years of life I can match that.

Just a thought, keep reading and returning. Thanks to all of you.

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