Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Going, Going, Gone

Departing Dili. The flight was close to on time. I have had colleagues and people I know leaving Dili in the last couple of weeks, and all of their flights were delayed at least 2 hours. I guess I am special that way. My flight was only ten minutes late. Knock on wood, one of the 4 remaining flights on this trip will probably be late.
Arrival in Bali. Wow was immigration slow today. First, the flight attendant quit passing out immigration cards the row in front of mine. You have to fill in one of these cards before getting in line or when you arrive at the desk, they will give you one and then back of the line you go. They had none of the cards readily available at the airport. Once I finally got one, I stood in line for an hour waiting. The good news is, someone else pulled my two bags off the little baggage carousel. Through customs and the hotel has a man waiting. Awesome. When I arrive at the Hotel Padma, they set me up in a villa. A villa is so much more cool than a regular room. I have a huge shower, and my own patio. I’m liking this.

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