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Blogging from the couch

Here it is Monday night, I am watching football. Greenbay and Denver. I could care less who wins, but its football. I am also about tired of hearing about the New England Patriots spanking the Redskins yesterday. You would wonder why its the Patriot's fault that the Redskins couldn't stop them from scoring. Oh well. The Cowboys didn't loose, even though the Gators did. A mixed weekend for me. Other news, I bought yet another car. A Subaru Forrester. Its nice, has seat warmers, I am nice and cozy before I get a block from the house. Nice. Thats about all for tonight.

Green will cost you some Green

A man's house is his castle. I have been setting up the new condo since I returned from my asian excursion. I am pretty sure I explained the fiasco of getting cable into the place. Well, I have unpacked the big Mac and bought a new router. an airport extreme as a matter of fact. It wasn't working very well, until tonight. I am now able to sign on with the laptop. Now I am blogging from the awesome couch. But that is not what this is about. Today I decided to change the light bulbs in the house. I went with the energy efficient bulbs. Well with two hanging light fixtures and 3 sets of three lights, (100 watts each) I thought this could save me some money. Well $90 later, it better. Turns out being green cost a little green on the front end. However, for the light fixtures in the bathrooms, they used to raise the temperature in the bathroom 10 degrees as soon as you turned them on. Not anymore. I will includes some pictures soon.