Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Hola Senors and Senoritas

Live from Tijuana. Yes folks I am in Tijuana. It is pleasant here. I traveled all the way to Mexico to get a six dollar burger from Hardees’s. You may laugh, but I love those things. Well, being south of the border is a lot like being in San Diego. Every other channel is in Spanish. Ha Ha. My friends will be glad to know I have not met one Filipino since I have been here. I am sure they are taking over the world; they just haven’t gotten to Mexico yet. HA Ha. It is just a joke.
They just had the International Beer festival here, and not being a drinker, that was really a let down for me. However, someone did offer me a cigar cheaper than a hot dog. I thought that was funny.
The Hard Rock in Tijuana was nice, but they had the music to loud. We had to scream across the table to talk. What other news.
The flight from Dulles to San Diego was a little over five hours. The airlines did not provide a free meal. However, they did offer me a snack pack for 5 bucks, but the flight attendant did not know what was in the $5 box of stuff. We were delayed for a few minutes for them to put air in the tire too. “Ladies and Gentlemen, we will be delayed for a few minutes while the ground crew puts air in the tire.” I thought that was funny. Not sure why I found that humorous.
Check back in a couple of days.


Anonymous said...

well...i have a Filipina friend who is working in the USEmbassy Mexico as a Regional HR Personnel...How about that?


Anonymous said...

Filipino is really everywhere they had reached even Mexico. You just overlooked seeing them. hahaha!


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