Friday, November 02, 2007

WARNING!! Mature Post

Well we have all done it. We are all guilty. Even you ladies out there have done it, you just don't talk about it. We have all, at one time or another, let a fart out at work. We try to be nice, go to the empty cubicle, or walk into the bathroom. Maybe even go outside and act like we have a call on the mobile phone. But it has happened to all of us. I would like to share a moment from work. I don't typically talk about work, because I don't post from work. An event happened today that reminded me of the funniest work moment I ever experienced.

This story has 5 key players, so try to keep up. There was Tronster, Fish, Boss, PM1 and PM2. Tronster (me) and fish (colleague) were talking in our shared space. (a 2 desk cubicle) Boss walks by to an empty cubicle to "float an air biscuit" He does not inform Fish or Tronster of the reason he explores the empty cubicle, he just does. Fish asks Boss to come over. Boss delays. Fish persists, so Boss comes over. Bringing a trail. Fish and Boss begin speaking, and then it hits Fish and Tronster. The "Toxic fume trail". Now boss has hit us before with a few quality "air biscuits", but this one was bad. So we talk to Boss about leakage and the possibility that he may need to check himself. Then PM1 (male) and PM2 (new employee, female) walk around the corner of the cubicle. They step right into it, the toxic wall, no warning, just "boom" there you are, in the thick of it. They were polite, and didn't say anything, but PM1 stuck his finger to his nose and PM2's face squished up. They tried to talk through it, but to no avail. Tronster and Boss were laughing and Fish was attempting to discuss whatever the PMs wanted.

The morale of this story. Don't disturb someone in an empty cubicle that is not their own.

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