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Well it is time to get on the road again. This time I am going to Boston. It is snowing there right now and I expect to be cold the entire time. Being from Florida and all. I did get a new coat to keep me warm. We will see. Sent from my iPhone


Its a wonderful time in America, where we all get together with family and contribute to the obesity rate of this country. Well, maybe not all, but a significant amount of us americans do. This is a time of year when we remember the things we are thankful for in our lives. The first thanksgiving was a time when the first settlers thanked God for their harvest and celebrated with a feast. We should all remember to thank God for our blessings. I was blessed to be with friends and to enjoy a great meal. Here is a picture of the Turkey and everything else we ate. Have a great day. The Turkey Everything Else

Back Home

While I was visiting Atlanta, I was fortunate enough to stay at the Doubletree Hotel. They have some great cookies. I enjoyed everyone of them. I even shared a couple with colleagues. mmmm Good. I want to tell you about a couple of the places I ate while in the Buckhead area. Two restaurants in particular. The Flying Biscuit and Bricktops . Both had really good food. Both had good service. At Bricktops, I had the Trout special. My side item, Deviled Eggs. Now I have never seen that on a menu before and my mom, (unfortunately) not known for her cooking, makes GREAT Deviled Eggs. Now Bricktop's were okay, and worth me ordering. But I like mom's better. The price was a little high, dinner cost me $30 + tip. Just to make you aware. The Flying Biscuit has a great name. Thats why we decided to eat there. I had the Flank steak and eggs, and it was very good. The prices are medium, the cost for dinner was around $17 + tip. They have really good sweet tea a


Normally called Hot-Lanta, because it gets so hot here. Well, it has been a chilly visit for me. However, I did get see something I thought would never happen. Starbucks ran out of Coffee. The world almost came to a screetching halt at that point, but we were able to make it through the day. Starbucks, no coffee. Go figure. Another odd event, we had a police car yell out of his "speaker" to tell uncoming traffic to stop so he could turn. Not to bad, but he was behind our full van. Didn't really understand what he said, but oncoming traffic could not see him. So we were surprised, and our steller driver ended up rushing away. mmm, I guess only in Atlanta.

New Job

Well readers it has been a while. I apologize. Lots has changed in the last few weeks. We (all of us Americans) have gotten a new president elect. The first black president. History in the making. Also I have a new job. I have been busy catching up on some study work. I will still be traveling, this time it will be mostly in the US. So my post will be about airports here in this country and places I visit. I am very excited about this new position. So, as I sit here and prepare for bed, all you guys have a great night. Tronster

Ahhh October

This is a favorite time of year for me here in the DC Metro area. The leaves begin to change, the weather gets cool and sunrise is always a sight that will take your breath away. A week or so ago I headed to the mountains close by and hiked up to Mary's Rock. It was a great time and the view was AWESOME. Here is a picture.

Tire rotation

So I was thinking to get the tires rotated on the car. So I am looking at the price for rotating tires on the board. Turns out they show the price per tire. Per tire. So may I pose a question, can you rotate only one tire at a time? If you can, wouldn't that just be a changed tire? Because if you rotate them, you are moving the front tires to the back and the back tires to the front. So....why show the price per tire? You are going to move at least two tires. Go figure. Sent from my iPhone

Sunday Sunday Sunday

Well I am back in Casa de Tronster, Just got back from church. Jacksonville plays on National TV tonight, when they go up against the Steelers. I will be rooting for the Jags. The Gators were victorious once again, I hope it isn't to late for them to challenge for the National Title again this year. We will see. Some of you may know, that Father of Tronster is a Pastor, well, at my church today the name of the sermon was "Why God hates pastors" Go figure. It wasn't what you might think, but was a good sermon about being a pastor. Boy do they have a hard job. Good luck Dad. Well, back to football.

More news from Belize

Well, its true I am still here. I came early and was extended 2. Go figure. Things seem to be working better now and I should be home to Casa de Tronster next week. I miss my super awesome couch and reliable internet. The Gators were upset by the Rebels. Bummer, brought me down yesterday, and now the Dallas Cowboys are falling behind against to darn Washington RedSkins. One bright spot is that the Jaguars did beat the Texans. Go Jags Go Cowboys

On The Road

Well readers I am on the road again. Making a living. I am in central America, and this small town is just like visiting my parents in South Carolina. Anything more than four cars at an intersection is a traffic Jam, and the Internet is not up to dial up speeds. Although I must give parents of Tronster a little credit, they did get faster internet last year. Well my football weekend was 2-1, the Gators and the Cowboys both won, but Jacksonville dropped its season opener. Its okay, I was able to catch the Florida game and then the other pro games that were on TV here were pretty good. Hope you all have a great weekend.

Bull Frogs

Well, I am here in Central America, without much punishment from the travel arrangements. I was very tired for the flight over, so I upgraded to first class to get some sleep on the plane. It was nice. Until I woke up to an announcement from the Pilot. Explaining that if we were not cleared to land in 15 Minutes we would have to go and get gas from so other airport and then come back to Miami. Which would make me miss my flight. Also, there would be a good chance i would not be able to catch the next flight, so i would have to spend the night in Miami. This was not going well. It turns out we landed. I walked from one flight to the bathroom, then to the next flight, and they closed the door behind me. I knew my luggage did not make it. And it didn't. So when I landed here I waited 2 hours for it, it did come. Then I checked into the Bull Frog Inn. What a place. Everyone seems nice, and it is very quite. The internet connection is a little spotty. By the way, the B

Go Tronster it's your birthday

Well it's true, today is my birthday. Awesome. I am enjoying my day off, preparing for another deployment, and hanging with parents of Tronster and my girlfriend. We will all go to dinner tonight and to the braves game tomorrow. Hopefully they can win one and the rain stays away. Have a great day. Sent from my iPhone

Home, Mail and Laundry

I guess I should not complain. I have had a pretty good life. I have been in the Superbowl city during the big game, I have been in the city hosting the Summer Olympics, during the games, and I have slept in over 30 different countries. America is still my favorite. However, when I return home there is always something waiting to be done. After being gone for 5 weeks, I have collected a serious amount of mail to be sorted, which I hate, considering most of it is junk, and I need to do the laundry, change the oil, and for some ungodly reason, straighten out my parking pass situation for the condo complex I live in. Jet lag is going to be an issue this trip. But all in all, I have been having fun. I wish you all a great day.

The Return Trip

Sometimes the best part of a trip, is the return home. I have been gone for a while and I am ready to catch up with friends and family. So it is off to the airport, to catch the flight home. The olympics are underway and I did not get a single opportunity to catch any games. I needed to pick up some post cards and trinkets for the family and friends, which I always do at the airport with my left over money. So I proceed to the airport nice and early, to avoid any trouble, and to get to the gate on time. I arrive and the airport, check in and go through Immigration and security without any difficulties. I proceed to my terminal and start looking at the shops. As most of you loyal readers know, I travel frequently. I am always able to find little knick knacks at the airport, generally a little more expensive, but always available. Not here, all they have is the Duty free and a Olympic Shop. Great. So I buy a couple of last minute items and then go to grab something to eat. T

Durty Nellies and The Opening Ceremony

What to do in Beijing during the opening ceremony of the games. Well, go to a pub and watch. Having to work the next day, I decided to take a nap and then go where I always go, Durty Nellies. Evidently they had a special night planned, because this llittle pub was packed slam full of people. More than I had noticed there ever before. Doing a seach, I found that someone else has been there and here is a link to their assessment of the little place. Durty Nellies I watched the entire thing with a couple of Italians. The Chinese staff went crazy for their team. The one Filipino was pretty vocal when his team arrived also. So if you are ever in Beijing, stop by and say hello to Miss Alice and the crew.

Forbidden City

Is it really so forbidden anymore. For $15 you can go too. Forbidden City is a large complex the Emperor of China used to live in. I spent a day wondering around. Lots of fun.

Olympics In Beijing

So I decided to check out Tian'anmen Square. My travel buddy wanted to sleep in a little. I wait until about 1:30 in the afternoon to call him, and his response......"I am going to lay around and be lazy." Well, thats great, now it is late afternoon and I am heading to the sites alone. But I run into another buddy and off we go. We walk around in the hot sun checking out the preparations for the arrival of the olympic crowds. The square is under construction and it looks like when it will be finished it will look really cool. All the local chinese wanted their picture taken with the Aussie. Which is odd, because I am not from Australia. I may have mislead them a little . Below you will see a sign of all the things you can't bring to the square. I say, what fun is it without a motorcycle and an assault rifle?

The Great Wall

So I am here in China working. Had an opportunity to visit the Great Wall. They are not kidding it is a very, very, very long wall. Way up in the mountains. On our day off, two buddies and I hire a driver. His name, Jack Leo. He picks us up from the hotel and off we go. So we hire the car and have to pay the tolls and parking and everything along the way. We stop by a pottery and buy a few things for the significant others and family, then to the wall we go. If you ever get the chance, make sure you get the toboggan ride down from the top. Its worth the extra $6. For the most part the weather was good. You have to walk through the gauntlet of vendors to reach the gate, then you ride a lift to the top. It was loads of fun, and now I have seen it.

On the road!

Here in Wilson NC, where I always stop in route to parents of Tronster, I am sitting in Cracker Barrel. One of my favorite food joints. Not to mention the friendly service I always get. That's right fans, I am visiting the family this weekend. I plan on taking my siblings to the movies tonight. Well breakfast is here and it is time to feed my belly. Which is good since my stomach is looking at my spleen asking if that organ is really required for proper bodily function. Sent from my iPhone

Dinner Time

You guys who know me, might think that the only way I cook is by the numbers.  "Yeah, I will have the number 11 large."  "With an Ice Tea" "OK, $5.45, thanks a lot"  Sometimes, I even tell them in the drive through I would like it to go.  Ha Ha.  Anyway, tonight I cooked a little meal for myself and decided I would share the masterpiece with you all. I grilled the chicken on my electric grill and cooked up some vegetables.  It was great.

Funny T-Shirts

Here is a little background.  I bought one thing from a catalog on an airplane, now I receive mail order stuff all the time.  One of the catalogues had some T-shirts for sale, so I thought I would share a few of the ones I found funny. "So far the New Millennium is no different than the last one" "Get a job, help pay my social security" (for seniors) "Steal my thunder, I'll rain on your parade" "I know what your thinking....Nothing" "Sarcasm, just one more service I offer" "Struggling Hair Farmer" (one of my favorites) If you are interested in one of these gems I get nothing from them, but the shirts are funny.

Rocket Science!!

Well not really. My buddy and I went to the movies the other night, and met this rocket scientist.  Again not really, but he is well on his way.  After we buy our tickets we decided a couple of diet cokes and some popcorn for the movie would be great.  The total cost was a little bit more than ten dollars.  I gave the kid $21. He replies that I didn't need to give him the extra $1 dollar bill.  I said that way you give me a ten back.  He says, not get this, "I don't think it works that way".  I reply, "Yes it does, I promise"   He didn't seem to get it.  Then he enters the amount and sure enough, I am suppose to get $10 and some change.  A ten dollar bill.  Would you look at that.  Just like I thought.   Todays high school students are tomorrows future.  Just remember that.

Its a Bloody long way

Well, Australia is a "Bloody Long Way"  Just like all the signs say.   I have returned home to Casa de Tronster and realized I have not updated in a couple of weeks.  The nerve of the webmaster huh.  Well, here is an update. My return from Australia could have gone a little smoother.  For one thing, it is a 13 hour flight from Melbourne to LAX. The airlines would not let me carry the carry on items I had carried when coming to Australia, so I had to check an additional bag.  Great, I had to purchase a TSA approved lock in Melburne's airport.  There goes the last $20 Aussie dollars I had.  So I get on the flight. I was thinking I had a short turn around in LA, so I hurried through the Passport control and customs situation as quickly as I could.  Got my luggage off the carousel and had to re-check to the airlines.  No problem.  Two pieces, quickly through and I am off.  The good news was I was in the same terminal I would need to be to get on my next flight to Dulles in Wa

Hello from Down Under

Well, I am here in Australia living it up.  Not exactly living it up, but working.  I have been here a few days, and although the Aussies speak a form of the English language, it is tough to understand sometimes.  Also, it is very expensive here.  I bought a couple of bottled teas from the 7 11 on the corner.  $3.60 each.  For all you BUTT suckers it is $13 for a pack of smokes.  There is joke between my colleagues and I that is you leave the hotel it will cost you $20.  It is close to the truth. Today is my getting out and about day, and I plan on visiting the local attractions.  I am excited about the opportunity, however, it will probably rain all day.  Never fear, the hotel will provide me with an umbrella.   Things are different here.  For one thing, this part of Australia likes AFL football.  Its not soccer or Rugby, but similar.  The games are very exciting and fast paced, but the rules are a little hard to follow.  I did watch a match the other night, and found it entertainin

Update for my readers

Sometimes we do what we want, the rest of the time we do what we have to. On occasian we can do both. For instance, I have to go to Australia, somewhere I have always wanted to go. Lucky me. I will soon be updating from the road once again. I am not looking forward to the long flight in cattle class of American Airlines, but sometimes you just have to take one for the team. This will be my sixth continent visited. Not sure how I will get to number seven, but it is now a goal in life. In other news, it would appear that my TomTom software update program works on my Mac. That is excellant news for me. The 29 min file transfer is a little boring, but we will see if the new map has my street programed. Have a great day! Sent from my iPhone


The weather here in town has been trying to usher in spring. Last week, there was a good day, Wednesday, I took the day off to get the windows tinted on the Subaru. (Don't laugh, it has a turbo). LA Tint , in Manassas is not only convenient, it has a good price. IHOP is right across the street. (That is why I consider it Convenient.) So I drop off the car and get some breakfast. They are having their stuffed French Toast special again. WOW, is this stuff good.

The Pope comes to town

So the Pope was in town, had a huge Mass at the baseball stadium, and goofed up traffic. Here is a picture from that day.

Exciting Days

Well, not really, but the Pope was in town. You may have seen him on the news. Or like me, a radio news listener, heard about his historic visit to the Capital of these United States of America. Well, overall I think it was a good visit. Although I am a Baptist, and I don't agree with his elevated status, he and the Catholic Church share a lot of my beliefs. Many of the people around here are asking, "Why has it been so long?" Well, here is a hint. Our news media, these are professional journalists I am talking about, have referred to the Pope's limo as the "Pope-mobile" in just about every news cast I have seen. Talk about a lack of respect. We don't refer to other world leaders' vehicles as the Minister-mobile, King-mobile. So why do we do it for him? The Pope held Mass today in the Nationals Stadium here in town. All the Nationals baseball fans are hoping he spreads a little blessing on the ball club, because it can only win games when

Update for my readers

I have planned several updates. And another will follow after this one. I am still alive and doing well. I hope both of you are the same. Come back tomorrow for more. Sent from my iPhone

Bangkok Layover

On My way back from Thailand, I had 2.5 days in Bangkok. The internet was so expensive, and I was very busy, I did not get the chance to update my faithful readers. So I have pre-dated this one to give you an idea of what happened. I fly into Bangkok at a reasonable hour, around 8 p.m. from Chiang Mai. It was a short flight. The hotel I was booked in was to meet me at the Airport. The Conrad. A really nice hotel, 4 or 5 stars I am sure. Well, they did not get my flight information So I looked for the guy who is always at the airport. After hiking a half mile, we ran into each other and he arranged for a cab. I did not get to the hotel until 10 p.m. though. Kinda late for me. I was not disappointed after all this. Arriving at the hotel, I found that security was extremely high. There must have been a couple dozen police cars and several army officers. To my surprise, or relief, they were not there for me. I thought, just for a minute, that my reputation as a great writer

Chiang Mai Is Over

Blogging from the lobby of the D2 hotel in Chiang Mai City Thailand. This hotel has been fabulous. The staff was very, very nice and attentive. I must say, this is a recommendation from me if you are ever here, on business. Modern design may be a bit much for some folks, but the staff is so friendly. I am off to Bangkok tonight for a couple of days work then back home, but first I want to say thanks to all my colleagues and the special students from Chiang Mai University who were so friendly and patient with my silly questions about the area. They showed some true hospitality and I thank you guys, each of you and I hope I hear from you guys in the future. Well this last photo is from the old city of Chiang Mai. It is the gateway to the walking street on Sunday, were you can buy a bunch of stuff. Until Next time.

Chiang Mai Tour

So I went out to walk around the Old City of Chiang Mai. I visited the 3 kings Monument and several of the 102 temples located with in the walls. This is a city that is 700 years old. The USA is barely over 200 years old as a country. So very interesting to me. It was a hot day, and I needed a little refreshment. I had been drinking my water, so I was not dehydrated, but still something had to refresh me for the reminder of the day. So I thought, "Why not a smoothie" They are healthy and refreshing. So I stopped at a smoothie stand across the city and found this : An OREO Smoothie. Now I am not sure if this has the health benefits of most smoothies, however, it was very refreshing and hit the spot. While talking to the smoothie stand proprietor, a young man arrives with his "girl of the week". Evidently he is a big time playboy in the area. Lots of fun, and I even met a Canadian teaching English. Go Figure. Check back for more.

How cool is an Iphone?

Well I must admit it is pretty cool. I am sitting in NYC airport reading today's news without buying a newspaper. I sit here and respond to a few emails and listen to tunes. Cool factor is high. Well I am off to Thialand. Will post more soon. Sent from my iPhone

Blogging Test

Well new gadgets always appear at my place. This is a test of the newest member of arsenal. If it works, you may begin to see more short post of everyday life of the Tronster. Here it goes! Sent from my iPhone

Home at last

Well I have returned to Casa de Tronster. A little place, snuggled in the back of a small town just outside of DC. The weather here is a bit cooler than Africa. This past trip was not all that adventurous. Although, JB, was really nice in showing off what little there was to do there in the thriving metropolitan of Maseru. Thanks Girlfriend. I also was able to get in touch with a long lost friend. He was stationed with me in the Navy, over 10 years ago, what a small world. Sent him a life update, you know, I live here, I do this, and I am still single, how is your life? Everyone has to do that once in a while. A report on family communications. This past trip Father of tronster stunk at keeping tronster informed. But Mother of Tronster wrote a couple of times. Not real long letters, but little notes. Which was good. Sister of Tronster was upset at me calling her out, but she did write better this last trip than any of the previous ones. Well, I have not completely r


On occasion, when I travel I see interesting things. This has been one of those occasions. This past weekend here at my hotel, the Roof of Africa quad racers were staying here. This is a motorcycle race held here every year. Apparently it is a tough race. The hotel had a bunch of the riders staying here all week. Saturday night was there last night. And they were making lots of noise. I am not saying all of them misbehaved, but on Sunday, at breakfast, I observed several pieces of the pool furniture in the pool. I then pointed out to the staff that I was not with them. No need to ruin what little service I get here. Things are going well. I have finished two books here, and I have been playing a game called Bookworm. Sister of tronster sent me an email, to tell me her email has changed. It seems that is the only time she ever sends one. Love ya buddy. Keep checking for more adventures.

Some guys have all the luck

I am sure you realize that there are two kinds of luck, one good and one bad. My colleague of the past few years, just had a little bad luck. While traveling to this part of the world, you have to go through Johannesburg. You have already read about my adventures with luggage, now wait to you hear this. Thanks to the new rules of travel, you have to check all your tools if you travel as a technician, like me. Well my buddy arrived a couple of days after me, and his luggage was lost. The good news is, the airport called the next day and said it had arrived. When we returned to the hotel, the driver said he did not pick it up, because it felt a little "lite". During the ensuing investigation, we learned that someone had picked through his luggage and took about 90% of his stuff. Even his underwear. If you are the culprit, I just want to ask, How much does a pair of used tighty whities go for on the black market these days? What kind of animal steals a mans underwear?

More luggage issues

To all my readers I have not been trying to neglect the page it just turned out that way these last couple of days. I am in Lesotho, I small country completely surrounded by South Africa. I nice little country. The views are great. I was able to study the horizon from the moment I stepped off the plane. My luggage, of coarse had to wait a day longer to enjoy this wonderful land, it missed our flight from Johannesburg to Maseru. Oh well right. Well let me continue. I had to fill out a claim a form with the airlines, after clearing customs and Immigration. I filled out the form and turned it in. No problems. I go outside of the small airport for fresh air, and look for the shuttle to the hotel. The Lesotho Sun. No shuttle bus. I go back in and speak with the airline rep, and she says she would call the driver, she has his "mobile". After getting off the phone with him, she tells me the driver is "under the weather". I ask if I could use her phone to di

Africa, again

Well, after a staggering two days in travel, I have arrived in Gaborone Botswana. I have been here before, and I think it is one of the nicest countries in Southern Africa. It would appear it has been raining some lately; the ground is covered in green. While on the way here, I spent the night in Johannesburg South Africa. The hotel, Emperor’s Palace, was hosting some boxing. I saw one of the fighters, and it was said that the great ear muncher Mike Tyson was on the premise. I was glad not to see him; it appears with my new haircut, I am afraid he might think my ears are tasty enough for a quick snack. Talk to you later.

Hey Guys

Oh my. You have not seen an entry from me in a while. Well the truth is I have been unmotivated to write. I have also had a pretty busy time here lately. The funny thing is I haven't done anything until more recently. I have wasted time playing XBOX Call of Duty 4. Although not a true waste of time, just a way to kill time. The weather has been nasty. Then last week, I was sent on assignment to Caracas. I am no fan of Chaves, but I did visit his country. This was a work trip, so I only went to hard rock cafe for dinner one night, the other three nights I just sat around the hotel. The interesting part of that trip was the return flight. The ride that was arranged to pick me up at the hotel and transport me to the airport was 45 minutes late. No worries, I should still be at the airport 2.5 hours before take off. So I get to the airport about an hour and twenty minutes before the flight. It takes them 2 hour to get through all the security and stuff. The airport was n

Happy New Year

Its been a while. An Entire month as a matter of fact. I am still kicking although not traveling at the moment. So not much to share. AS I try to avoid politics on the forum, I do so enjoy watching the primaries. Listening to the pundits and concerns during the election season. Does anyone think a Republican can when outright? Or will there be challenges to state races? We shall see. On a funny note. I can be a bonehead every once in a while. Just ask my parents, I am sure they will share with you some of my all-time best bonehead moments. Well, I had one this weekend. While attempting to clean my mammoth condo for one, I decided it was time to introduce my carpet to the old time reliable vacuum. I had been using a rechargeable shark vacuum, a great little tool for little jobs. So I have had this hoover for about 5 years now. I used it frequently in my old place in florida. Which I moved out of 18 months ago. So I fired it up and vacuumed the floor. Put the thing awa