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On occasion, when I travel I see interesting things. This has been one of those occasions. This past weekend here at my hotel, the Roof of Africa quad racers were staying here. This is a motorcycle race held here every year. Apparently it is a tough race. The hotel had a bunch of the riders staying here all week. Saturday night was there last night. And they were making lots of noise. I am not saying all of them misbehaved, but on Sunday, at breakfast, I observed several pieces of the pool furniture in the pool. I then pointed out to the staff that I was not with them. No need to ruin what little service I get here. Things are going well. I have finished two books here, and I have been playing a game called Bookworm. Sister of tronster sent me an email, to tell me her email has changed. It seems that is the only time she ever sends one. Love ya buddy. Keep checking for more adventures.

Some guys have all the luck

I am sure you realize that there are two kinds of luck, one good and one bad. My colleague of the past few years, just had a little bad luck. While traveling to this part of the world, you have to go through Johannesburg. You have already read about my adventures with luggage, now wait to you hear this. Thanks to the new rules of travel, you have to check all your tools if you travel as a technician, like me. Well my buddy arrived a couple of days after me, and his luggage was lost. The good news is, the airport called the next day and said it had arrived. When we returned to the hotel, the driver said he did not pick it up, because it felt a little "lite". During the ensuing investigation, we learned that someone had picked through his luggage and took about 90% of his stuff. Even his underwear. If you are the culprit, I just want to ask, How much does a pair of used tighty whities go for on the black market these days? What kind of animal steals a mans underwear?

More luggage issues

To all my readers I have not been trying to neglect the page it just turned out that way these last couple of days. I am in Lesotho, I small country completely surrounded by South Africa. I nice little country. The views are great. I was able to study the horizon from the moment I stepped off the plane. My luggage, of coarse had to wait a day longer to enjoy this wonderful land, it missed our flight from Johannesburg to Maseru. Oh well right. Well let me continue. I had to fill out a claim a form with the airlines, after clearing customs and Immigration. I filled out the form and turned it in. No problems. I go outside of the small airport for fresh air, and look for the shuttle to the hotel. The Lesotho Sun. No shuttle bus. I go back in and speak with the airline rep, and she says she would call the driver, she has his "mobile". After getting off the phone with him, she tells me the driver is "under the weather". I ask if I could use her phone to di

Africa, again

Well, after a staggering two days in travel, I have arrived in Gaborone Botswana. I have been here before, and I think it is one of the nicest countries in Southern Africa. It would appear it has been raining some lately; the ground is covered in green. While on the way here, I spent the night in Johannesburg South Africa. The hotel, Emperor’s Palace, was hosting some boxing. I saw one of the fighters, and it was said that the great ear muncher Mike Tyson was on the premise. I was glad not to see him; it appears with my new haircut, I am afraid he might think my ears are tasty enough for a quick snack. Talk to you later.

Hey Guys

Oh my. You have not seen an entry from me in a while. Well the truth is I have been unmotivated to write. I have also had a pretty busy time here lately. The funny thing is I haven't done anything until more recently. I have wasted time playing XBOX Call of Duty 4. Although not a true waste of time, just a way to kill time. The weather has been nasty. Then last week, I was sent on assignment to Caracas. I am no fan of Chaves, but I did visit his country. This was a work trip, so I only went to hard rock cafe for dinner one night, the other three nights I just sat around the hotel. The interesting part of that trip was the return flight. The ride that was arranged to pick me up at the hotel and transport me to the airport was 45 minutes late. No worries, I should still be at the airport 2.5 hours before take off. So I get to the airport about an hour and twenty minutes before the flight. It takes them 2 hour to get through all the security and stuff. The airport was n