Friday, February 01, 2008

Hey Guys

Oh my. You have not seen an entry from me in a while. Well the truth is I have been unmotivated to write. I have also had a pretty busy time here lately. The funny thing is I haven't done anything until more recently. I have wasted time playing XBOX Call of Duty 4. Although not a true waste of time, just a way to kill time. The weather has been nasty. Then last week, I was sent on assignment to Caracas. I am no fan of Chaves, but I did visit his country. This was a work trip, so I only went to hard rock cafe for dinner one night, the other three nights I just sat around the hotel.

The interesting part of that trip was the return flight. The ride that was arranged to pick me up at the hotel and transport me to the airport was 45 minutes late. No worries, I should still be at the airport 2.5 hours before take off. So I get to the airport about an hour and twenty minutes before the flight. It takes them 2 hour to get through all the security and stuff. The airport was not even that busy. So, my ticket says straight to Washington, when I get on the plane, settle in for my 7 hour flight, I hear on the intercom, we will land in San Juan in about 1.5 hours. San Juan? Unknown to me and my travel agent, there is a layover in San Juan. No free food on this flight or the next. Clever plan by the airlines. We get to san Juan, the 2nd leg, the one I was unaware of, will be delayed one hour, because there is no cabin crew. Great, At least I was able to call home.

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