Monday, February 18, 2008


On occasion, when I travel I see interesting things. This has been one of those occasions. This past weekend here at my hotel, the Roof of Africa quad racers were staying here. This is a motorcycle race held here every year. Apparently it is a tough race. The hotel had a bunch of the riders staying here all week. Saturday night was there last night. And they were making lots of noise. I am not saying all of them misbehaved, but on Sunday, at breakfast, I observed several pieces of the pool furniture in the pool. I then pointed out to the staff that I was not with them. No need to ruin what little service I get here.

Things are going well. I have finished two books here, and I have been playing a game called Bookworm. Sister of tronster sent me an email, to tell me her email has changed. It seems that is the only time she ever sends one. Love ya buddy.

Keep checking for more adventures.

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