Friday, February 15, 2008

More luggage issues

To all my readers
I have not been trying to neglect the page it just turned out that way these last couple of days.

I am in Lesotho, I small country completely surrounded by South Africa. I nice little country. The views are great. I was able to study the horizon from the moment I stepped off the plane. My luggage, of coarse had to wait a day longer to enjoy this wonderful land, it missed our flight from Johannesburg to Maseru. Oh well right. Well let me continue. I had to fill out a claim a form with the airlines, after clearing customs and Immigration. I filled out the form and turned it in. No problems. I go outside of the small airport for fresh air, and look for the shuttle to the hotel. The Lesotho Sun. No shuttle bus. I go back in and speak with the airline rep, and she says she would call the driver, she has his "mobile". After getting off the phone with him, she tells me the driver is "under the weather". I ask if I could use her phone to dial the hotel. Instead she calls the hotel, and apparently they were not aware the shuttle driver was sick, and they would send another to the airport to pick me up. It will be about 30 minutes. The driver arrives and all is well, but I sat at the airport after the flight for about 2 hours. A short 4 hour transit from Gaborone to Maseru turns into a 6 hour ordeal of epic proportions. The next day my luggage arrives with out any damage. Another travel story.

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