Sunday, February 17, 2008

Some guys have all the luck

I am sure you realize that there are two kinds of luck, one good and one bad. My colleague of the past few years, just had a little bad luck. While traveling to this part of the world, you have to go through Johannesburg. You have already read about my adventures with luggage, now wait to you hear this.

Thanks to the new rules of travel, you have to check all your tools if you travel as a technician, like me. Well my buddy arrived a couple of days after me, and his luggage was lost. The good news is, the airport called the next day and said it had arrived. When we returned to the hotel, the driver said he did not pick it up, because it felt a little "lite". During the ensuing investigation, we learned that someone had picked through his luggage and took about 90% of his stuff. Even his underwear. If you are the culprit, I just want to ask, How much does a pair of used tighty whities go for on the black market these days? What kind of animal steals a mans underwear?

Well that just sucks. I am glad it didn't happen to me.

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