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Bangkok Layover

On My way back from Thailand, I had 2.5 days in Bangkok. The internet was so expensive, and I was very busy, I did not get the chance to update my faithful readers. So I have pre-dated this one to give you an idea of what happened. I fly into Bangkok at a reasonable hour, around 8 p.m. from Chiang Mai. It was a short flight. The hotel I was booked in was to meet me at the Airport. The Conrad. A really nice hotel, 4 or 5 stars I am sure. Well, they did not get my flight information So I looked for the guy who is always at the airport. After hiking a half mile, we ran into each other and he arranged for a cab. I did not get to the hotel until 10 p.m. though. Kinda late for me. I was not disappointed after all this. Arriving at the hotel, I found that security was extremely high. There must have been a couple dozen police cars and several army officers. To my surprise, or relief, they were not there for me. I thought, just for a minute, that my reputation as a great writer

Chiang Mai Is Over

Blogging from the lobby of the D2 hotel in Chiang Mai City Thailand. This hotel has been fabulous. The staff was very, very nice and attentive. I must say, this is a recommendation from me if you are ever here, on business. Modern design may be a bit much for some folks, but the staff is so friendly. I am off to Bangkok tonight for a couple of days work then back home, but first I want to say thanks to all my colleagues and the special students from Chiang Mai University who were so friendly and patient with my silly questions about the area. They showed some true hospitality and I thank you guys, each of you and I hope I hear from you guys in the future. Well this last photo is from the old city of Chiang Mai. It is the gateway to the walking street on Sunday, were you can buy a bunch of stuff. Until Next time.

Chiang Mai Tour

So I went out to walk around the Old City of Chiang Mai. I visited the 3 kings Monument and several of the 102 temples located with in the walls. This is a city that is 700 years old. The USA is barely over 200 years old as a country. So very interesting to me. It was a hot day, and I needed a little refreshment. I had been drinking my water, so I was not dehydrated, but still something had to refresh me for the reminder of the day. So I thought, "Why not a smoothie" They are healthy and refreshing. So I stopped at a smoothie stand across the city and found this : An OREO Smoothie. Now I am not sure if this has the health benefits of most smoothies, however, it was very refreshing and hit the spot. While talking to the smoothie stand proprietor, a young man arrives with his "girl of the week". Evidently he is a big time playboy in the area. Lots of fun, and I even met a Canadian teaching English. Go Figure. Check back for more.

How cool is an Iphone?

Well I must admit it is pretty cool. I am sitting in NYC airport reading today's news without buying a newspaper. I sit here and respond to a few emails and listen to tunes. Cool factor is high. Well I am off to Thialand. Will post more soon. Sent from my iPhone

Blogging Test

Well new gadgets always appear at my place. This is a test of the newest member of arsenal. If it works, you may begin to see more short post of everyday life of the Tronster. Here it goes! Sent from my iPhone

Home at last

Well I have returned to Casa de Tronster. A little place, snuggled in the back of a small town just outside of DC. The weather here is a bit cooler than Africa. This past trip was not all that adventurous. Although, JB, was really nice in showing off what little there was to do there in the thriving metropolitan of Maseru. Thanks Girlfriend. I also was able to get in touch with a long lost friend. He was stationed with me in the Navy, over 10 years ago, what a small world. Sent him a life update, you know, I live here, I do this, and I am still single, how is your life? Everyone has to do that once in a while. A report on family communications. This past trip Father of tronster stunk at keeping tronster informed. But Mother of Tronster wrote a couple of times. Not real long letters, but little notes. Which was good. Sister of Tronster was upset at me calling her out, but she did write better this last trip than any of the previous ones. Well, I have not completely r