Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Bangkok Layover

On My way back from Thailand, I had 2.5 days in Bangkok. The internet was so expensive, and I was very busy, I did not get the chance to update my faithful readers. So I have pre-dated this one to give you an idea of what happened.

I fly into Bangkok at a reasonable hour, around 8 p.m. from Chiang Mai. It was a short flight. The hotel I was booked in was to meet me at the Airport. The Conrad. A really nice hotel, 4 or 5 stars I am sure. Well, they did not get my flight information So I looked for the guy who is always at the airport. After hiking a half mile, we ran into each other and he arranged for a cab. I did not get to the hotel until 10 p.m. though. Kinda late for me.

I was not disappointed after all this. Arriving at the hotel, I found that security was extremely high. There must have been a couple dozen police cars and several army officers. To my surprise, or relief, they were not there for me. I thought, just for a minute, that my reputation as a great writer had proceeded me. That feeling quickly passed. But the Princess of Thailand was there for dinner. When I went outside to walk off the travel, and the $5.50 coke I had at the bar, I was stopped from entering the Hotel. She, the Princess, was leaving. So I got to see her as she loaded up in her car.

What a night of travel.

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