Monday, March 17, 2008

Chiang Mai Tour

So I went out to walk around the Old City of Chiang Mai. I visited the 3 kings Monument and several of the 102 temples located with in the walls. This is a city that is 700 years old. The USA is barely over 200 years old as a country. So very interesting to me. It was a hot day, and I needed a little refreshment. I had been drinking my water, so I was not dehydrated, but still something had to refresh me for the reminder of the day. So I thought, "Why not a smoothie" They are healthy and refreshing. So I stopped at a smoothie stand across the city and found this :

An OREO Smoothie. Now I am not sure if this has the health benefits of most smoothies, however, it was very refreshing and hit the spot. While talking to the smoothie stand proprietor, a young man arrives with his "girl of the week". Evidently he is a big time playboy in the area. Lots of fun, and I even met a Canadian teaching English. Go Figure.

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