Saturday, March 01, 2008

Home at last

Well I have returned to Casa de Tronster. A little place, snuggled in the back of a small town just outside of DC. The weather here is a bit cooler than Africa. This past trip was not all that adventurous. Although, JB, was really nice in showing off what little there was to do there in the thriving metropolitan of Maseru. Thanks Girlfriend.

I also was able to get in touch with a long lost friend. He was stationed with me in the Navy, over 10 years ago, what a small world. Sent him a life update, you know, I live here, I do this, and I am still single, how is your life? Everyone has to do that once in a while.

A report on family communications. This past trip Father of tronster stunk at keeping tronster informed. But Mother of Tronster wrote a couple of times. Not real long letters, but little notes. Which was good. Sister of Tronster was upset at me calling her out, but she did write better this last trip than any of the previous ones.

Well, I have not completely recovered from jet-lag, so this is short. Keep coming back.

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