Thursday, April 17, 2008

Exciting Days

Well, not really, but the Pope was in town. You may have seen him on the news. Or like me, a radio news listener, heard about his historic visit to the Capital of these United States of America. Well, overall I think it was a good visit. Although I am a Baptist, and I don't agree with his elevated status, he and the Catholic Church share a lot of my beliefs. Many of the people around here are asking, "Why has it been so long?" Well, here is a hint. Our news media, these are professional journalists I am talking about, have referred to the Pope's limo as the "Pope-mobile" in just about every news cast I have seen. Talk about a lack of respect. We don't refer to other world leaders' vehicles as the Minister-mobile, King-mobile. So why do we do it for him? The Pope held Mass today in the Nationals Stadium here in town. All the Nationals baseball fans are hoping he spreads a little blessing on the ball club, because it can only win games when the opposing starting picture gets hurt in the 1st inning.

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