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Its a Bloody long way

Well, Australia is a "Bloody Long Way"  Just like all the signs say.   I have returned home to Casa de Tronster and realized I have not updated in a couple of weeks.  The nerve of the webmaster huh.  Well, here is an update. My return from Australia could have gone a little smoother.  For one thing, it is a 13 hour flight from Melbourne to LAX. The airlines would not let me carry the carry on items I had carried when coming to Australia, so I had to check an additional bag.  Great, I had to purchase a TSA approved lock in Melburne's airport.  There goes the last $20 Aussie dollars I had.  So I get on the flight. I was thinking I had a short turn around in LA, so I hurried through the Passport control and customs situation as quickly as I could.  Got my luggage off the carousel and had to re-check to the airlines.  No problem.  Two pieces, quickly through and I am off.  The good news was I was in the same terminal I would need to be to get on my next flight to Dulles in Wa

Hello from Down Under

Well, I am here in Australia living it up.  Not exactly living it up, but working.  I have been here a few days, and although the Aussies speak a form of the English language, it is tough to understand sometimes.  Also, it is very expensive here.  I bought a couple of bottled teas from the 7 11 on the corner.  $3.60 each.  For all you BUTT suckers it is $13 for a pack of smokes.  There is joke between my colleagues and I that is you leave the hotel it will cost you $20.  It is close to the truth. Today is my getting out and about day, and I plan on visiting the local attractions.  I am excited about the opportunity, however, it will probably rain all day.  Never fear, the hotel will provide me with an umbrella.   Things are different here.  For one thing, this part of Australia likes AFL football.  Its not soccer or Rugby, but similar.  The games are very exciting and fast paced, but the rules are a little hard to follow.  I did watch a match the other night, and found it entertainin

Update for my readers

Sometimes we do what we want, the rest of the time we do what we have to. On occasian we can do both. For instance, I have to go to Australia, somewhere I have always wanted to go. Lucky me. I will soon be updating from the road once again. I am not looking forward to the long flight in cattle class of American Airlines, but sometimes you just have to take one for the team. This will be my sixth continent visited. Not sure how I will get to number seven, but it is now a goal in life. In other news, it would appear that my TomTom software update program works on my Mac. That is excellant news for me. The 29 min file transfer is a little boring, but we will see if the new map has my street programed. Have a great day! Sent from my iPhone