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On the road!

Here in Wilson NC, where I always stop in route to parents of Tronster, I am sitting in Cracker Barrel. One of my favorite food joints. Not to mention the friendly service I always get. That's right fans, I am visiting the family this weekend. I plan on taking my siblings to the movies tonight. Well breakfast is here and it is time to feed my belly. Which is good since my stomach is looking at my spleen asking if that organ is really required for proper bodily function. Sent from my iPhone

Dinner Time

You guys who know me, might think that the only way I cook is by the numbers.  "Yeah, I will have the number 11 large."  "With an Ice Tea" "OK, $5.45, thanks a lot"  Sometimes, I even tell them in the drive through I would like it to go.  Ha Ha.  Anyway, tonight I cooked a little meal for myself and decided I would share the masterpiece with you all. I grilled the chicken on my electric grill and cooked up some vegetables.  It was great.

Funny T-Shirts

Here is a little background.  I bought one thing from a catalog on an airplane, now I receive mail order stuff all the time.  One of the catalogues had some T-shirts for sale, so I thought I would share a few of the ones I found funny. "So far the New Millennium is no different than the last one" "Get a job, help pay my social security" (for seniors) "Steal my thunder, I'll rain on your parade" "I know what your thinking....Nothing" "Sarcasm, just one more service I offer" "Struggling Hair Farmer" (one of my favorites) If you are interested in one of these gems I get nothing from them, but the shirts are funny.

Rocket Science!!

Well not really. My buddy and I went to the movies the other night, and met this rocket scientist.  Again not really, but he is well on his way.  After we buy our tickets we decided a couple of diet cokes and some popcorn for the movie would be great.  The total cost was a little bit more than ten dollars.  I gave the kid $21. He replies that I didn't need to give him the extra $1 dollar bill.  I said that way you give me a ten back.  He says, not get this, "I don't think it works that way".  I reply, "Yes it does, I promise"   He didn't seem to get it.  Then he enters the amount and sure enough, I am suppose to get $10 and some change.  A ten dollar bill.  Would you look at that.  Just like I thought.   Todays high school students are tomorrows future.  Just remember that.