Rocket Science!!

Well not really. My buddy and I went to the movies the other night, and met this rocket scientist.  Again not really, but he is well on his way.  After we buy our tickets we decided a couple of diet cokes and some popcorn for the movie would be great.  The total cost was a little bit more than ten dollars.  I gave the kid $21. He replies that I didn't need to give him the extra $1 dollar bill.  I said that way you give me a ten back.  He says, not get this, "I don't think it works that way".  I reply, "Yes it does, I promise"   He didn't seem to get it.  Then he enters the amount and sure enough, I am suppose to get $10 and some change.  A ten dollar bill.  Would you look at that.  Just like I thought.  

Todays high school students are tomorrows future.  Just remember that.


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