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Go Tronster it's your birthday

Well it's true, today is my birthday. Awesome. I am enjoying my day off, preparing for another deployment, and hanging with parents of Tronster and my girlfriend. We will all go to dinner tonight and to the braves game tomorrow. Hopefully they can win one and the rain stays away. Have a great day. Sent from my iPhone

Home, Mail and Laundry

I guess I should not complain. I have had a pretty good life. I have been in the Superbowl city during the big game, I have been in the city hosting the Summer Olympics, during the games, and I have slept in over 30 different countries. America is still my favorite. However, when I return home there is always something waiting to be done. After being gone for 5 weeks, I have collected a serious amount of mail to be sorted, which I hate, considering most of it is junk, and I need to do the laundry, change the oil, and for some ungodly reason, straighten out my parking pass situation for the condo complex I live in. Jet lag is going to be an issue this trip. But all in all, I have been having fun. I wish you all a great day.

The Return Trip

Sometimes the best part of a trip, is the return home. I have been gone for a while and I am ready to catch up with friends and family. So it is off to the airport, to catch the flight home. The olympics are underway and I did not get a single opportunity to catch any games. I needed to pick up some post cards and trinkets for the family and friends, which I always do at the airport with my left over money. So I proceed to the airport nice and early, to avoid any trouble, and to get to the gate on time. I arrive and the airport, check in and go through Immigration and security without any difficulties. I proceed to my terminal and start looking at the shops. As most of you loyal readers know, I travel frequently. I am always able to find little knick knacks at the airport, generally a little more expensive, but always available. Not here, all they have is the Duty free and a Olympic Shop. Great. So I buy a couple of last minute items and then go to grab something to eat. T

Durty Nellies and The Opening Ceremony

What to do in Beijing during the opening ceremony of the games. Well, go to a pub and watch. Having to work the next day, I decided to take a nap and then go where I always go, Durty Nellies. Evidently they had a special night planned, because this llittle pub was packed slam full of people. More than I had noticed there ever before. Doing a seach, I found that someone else has been there and here is a link to their assessment of the little place. Durty Nellies I watched the entire thing with a couple of Italians. The Chinese staff went crazy for their team. The one Filipino was pretty vocal when his team arrived also. So if you are ever in Beijing, stop by and say hello to Miss Alice and the crew.

Forbidden City

Is it really so forbidden anymore. For $15 you can go too. Forbidden City is a large complex the Emperor of China used to live in. I spent a day wondering around. Lots of fun.