Saturday, August 09, 2008

Durty Nellies and The Opening Ceremony

What to do in Beijing during the opening ceremony of the games. Well, go to a pub and watch. Having to work the next day, I decided to take a nap and then go where I always go, Durty Nellies. Evidently they had a special night planned, because this llittle pub was packed slam full of people. More than I had noticed there ever before. Doing a seach, I found that someone else has been there and here is a link to their assessment of the little place.

Durty Nellies

I watched the entire thing with a couple of Italians. The Chinese staff went crazy for their team. The one Filipino was pretty vocal when his team arrived also.

So if you are ever in Beijing, stop by and say hello to Miss Alice and the crew.

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