Friday, August 15, 2008

The Return Trip

Sometimes the best part of a trip, is the return home. I have been gone for a while and I am ready to catch up with friends and family. So it is off to the airport, to catch the flight home. The olympics are underway and I did not get a single opportunity to catch any games. I needed to pick up some post cards and trinkets for the family and friends, which I always do at the airport with my left over money. So I proceed to the airport nice and early, to avoid any trouble, and to get to the gate on time. I arrive and the airport, check in and go through Immigration and security without any difficulties. I proceed to my terminal and start looking at the shops. As most of you loyal readers know, I travel frequently. I am always able to find little knick knacks at the airport, generally a little more expensive, but always available. Not here, all they have is the Duty free and a Olympic Shop. Great. So I buy a couple of last minute items and then go to grab something to eat. They never feed you enough on an airplane. I order a pizza and it takes a few minutes to make it fresh and then I head to my gate. To eat before I get on the plane. Go figure, they had changed my gate and I didn't realize it until I got there. Now I am in line ready to board with my pizza and carry on. One last security check. Sir, you cannot take water on the plane, but the piping hot pizza is okay.

Go Figure.

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