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More news from Belize

Well, its true I am still here. I came early and was extended 2. Go figure. Things seem to be working better now and I should be home to Casa de Tronster next week. I miss my super awesome couch and reliable internet. The Gators were upset by the Rebels. Bummer, brought me down yesterday, and now the Dallas Cowboys are falling behind against to darn Washington RedSkins. One bright spot is that the Jaguars did beat the Texans. Go Jags Go Cowboys

On The Road

Well readers I am on the road again. Making a living. I am in central America, and this small town is just like visiting my parents in South Carolina. Anything more than four cars at an intersection is a traffic Jam, and the Internet is not up to dial up speeds. Although I must give parents of Tronster a little credit, they did get faster internet last year. Well my football weekend was 2-1, the Gators and the Cowboys both won, but Jacksonville dropped its season opener. Its okay, I was able to catch the Florida game and then the other pro games that were on TV here were pretty good. Hope you all have a great weekend.

Bull Frogs

Well, I am here in Central America, without much punishment from the travel arrangements. I was very tired for the flight over, so I upgraded to first class to get some sleep on the plane. It was nice. Until I woke up to an announcement from the Pilot. Explaining that if we were not cleared to land in 15 Minutes we would have to go and get gas from so other airport and then come back to Miami. Which would make me miss my flight. Also, there would be a good chance i would not be able to catch the next flight, so i would have to spend the night in Miami. This was not going well. It turns out we landed. I walked from one flight to the bathroom, then to the next flight, and they closed the door behind me. I knew my luggage did not make it. And it didn't. So when I landed here I waited 2 hours for it, it did come. Then I checked into the Bull Frog Inn. What a place. Everyone seems nice, and it is very quite. The internet connection is a little spotty. By the way, the B