Sunday, September 28, 2008

More news from Belize

Well, its true I am still here. I came early and was extended 2. Go figure. Things seem to be working better now and I should be home to Casa de Tronster next week. I miss my super awesome couch and reliable internet.

The Gators were upset by the Rebels. Bummer, brought me down yesterday, and now the Dallas Cowboys are falling behind against to darn Washington RedSkins. One bright spot is that the Jaguars did beat the Texans. Go Jags

Go Cowboys

1 comment:

Kirby said...

yeah it was a bad football week for you, at least you were not in DC to put up with all those annoying Redskin fans. Look forward to seeing you back home this weekend.

Looks like I am finally able to comment from my iPhone. (Look at that a comment and not one word about spelling mistakes or how you referred to Washington's team as the Cowboys.)

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