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Its a wonderful time in America, where we all get together with family and contribute to the obesity rate of this country. Well, maybe not all, but a significant amount of us americans do. This is a time of year when we remember the things we are thankful for in our lives. The first thanksgiving was a time when the first settlers thanked God for their harvest and celebrated with a feast. We should all remember to thank God for our blessings. I was blessed to be with friends and to enjoy a great meal. Here is a picture of the Turkey and everything else we ate. Have a great day. The Turkey Everything Else

Back Home

While I was visiting Atlanta, I was fortunate enough to stay at the Doubletree Hotel. They have some great cookies. I enjoyed everyone of them. I even shared a couple with colleagues. mmmm Good. I want to tell you about a couple of the places I ate while in the Buckhead area. Two restaurants in particular. The Flying Biscuit and Bricktops . Both had really good food. Both had good service. At Bricktops, I had the Trout special. My side item, Deviled Eggs. Now I have never seen that on a menu before and my mom, (unfortunately) not known for her cooking, makes GREAT Deviled Eggs. Now Bricktop's were okay, and worth me ordering. But I like mom's better. The price was a little high, dinner cost me $30 + tip. Just to make you aware. The Flying Biscuit has a great name. Thats why we decided to eat there. I had the Flank steak and eggs, and it was very good. The prices are medium, the cost for dinner was around $17 + tip. They have really good sweet tea a


Normally called Hot-Lanta, because it gets so hot here. Well, it has been a chilly visit for me. However, I did get see something I thought would never happen. Starbucks ran out of Coffee. The world almost came to a screetching halt at that point, but we were able to make it through the day. Starbucks, no coffee. Go figure. Another odd event, we had a police car yell out of his "speaker" to tell uncoming traffic to stop so he could turn. Not to bad, but he was behind our full van. Didn't really understand what he said, but oncoming traffic could not see him. So we were surprised, and our steller driver ended up rushing away. mmm, I guess only in Atlanta.

New Job

Well readers it has been a while. I apologize. Lots has changed in the last few weeks. We (all of us Americans) have gotten a new president elect. The first black president. History in the making. Also I have a new job. I have been busy catching up on some study work. I will still be traveling, this time it will be mostly in the US. So my post will be about airports here in this country and places I visit. I am very excited about this new position. So, as I sit here and prepare for bed, all you guys have a great night. Tronster