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City of Brotherly Love

I have been given an assignment in Philadelphia. Its a great City. The Hard Rock was accommodating and Sunshine was able to come up and visit for a couple of days. We had a great time. Saw the Betsy Ross house, and the Liberty Bell. A great weekend. I ate at Tony Luke's and Sonny's. Both had good Sandwiches. Chickies's and Pete had some good wings. I must say that all of my co-workers wimped out on me. I had to eat 34 four wings all by myself.

Mile High Adventures

Hello readers. Welcome back. It is time for another update on the adventures of Tronster. I am currently in Denver Colorado. This city is amazingly clean. The air a little on the thin side and the weather is weird. It could be 50 in the morning then warm up to 70 or so during the day. Storms move in and out of the region at a rapid pace. On one of the clear days, I was able to go exploring around the foothills of the rockies. Since I am home based close to the Shenandoah Mountains, I wanted to experience the other range in the USA. So I did. The difference is evident from the outset of my adventure. I hit two touristy spots just outside of Denver. The first was the Dinosaur Ridge. Where there are dinosaur tracks all on the side of the hills. Very entertaining. The second spot was Red Rock Amphitheater. There have been performances there since the early 1900s. Of coarse the year I was born didn't seem to have any great bands, others have played there and are pl

Back Home after a weekend at the Parents

This weekend was an opportunity for Tronster to visit his family in South Carolina. These plans had been made for about a month in advance. Most of my family lives in South Carolina. The week before Tronster and Sunshine go to visit, Tronster's Uncle decides to bring his Family to DC for some site seeing. Well, I let them stay at my place. The came to watch the Nationals game, which, of coarse the Nationals lost. While I was in South Carolina, I had the chance to go to the Big NASCAR race in Charlotte NC. The Coca-Cola 600. The longest race of the season. I bought a ticket for Sister, Sunshine, and I. We drove 2.5 hours to Concord NC. Walked about a mile, had some Hot Dogs and Burgers with friends, and then proceeded to the Track. The opening ceremonies were great, the fly by was cool, but then no "Gentlemen, Start your engines" We wait, and wait, and wait....nothing. The race was suppose to start at 545 and at 830 the decided to cancel the race. So, I hav

Fort Worth

Well, I was sent here for an assignment and finished early. I will be headed home tomorrow. Yeah Team

Returned to casa de Tronster

So, I was on assingment in Fort Lauderdale for 21 days. I returned home for a day and a half and then flew to New Orleans. I was working there for 3 days. I did take time to eat at Patty O's. It was very good. The Gator and wings ( and a house salad) was my dinner. I then flew home for a night and off to Miami for a 5 day cruise aboard the Carnival Destiny. So relaxing and so much fun with my sunshine. I am now in the airport waiting to fly to Fort Worth Texas for ten days of work. After spending an insane amount of money on the cruise, it is time to build the coffers up to my next vacation. Take care and let me know what's happening in your day. Sent from my iPhone

Home Again

Enjoyed the Florida sun for nearly a month. Oh it was so nice. I am home now and it is 90 degrees here. A little rest, and I am off to New Orleans. Come back for a Cruise to Mexico. It will be a busy couple of weeks, but I am excited. There was an insane amount of money in Fort Lauderdale, Bentleys cruising around every day. Need to visit there and have a short vacation.

Ft. Lauderdale

Well friends, here is an update. I am on assigment in sunny south Florida. Which is a pleasent change from some of my more recent assignments. The weather here may be considered hot by some folks but it just reminds me of my home town of Jacksonville. Yesterday was Easter and I hope we all celebrated our risen lord. He watches over us and guides us. Sunshine spent the weekend with me and we had a great time. We went to Hard Rock Cafe, in Hollywood FL and took a dinner cruise on the self proclaimed world famous Jungle Queen. Now the weekend is over and it is time to return to work. Have a great week. Sent from my iPhone

Home Again

I generally fly united airlines. I like them. I have "status" with them, so my luggage is free. There is one thing thats chaps my hide. That is when people fail to follow the carry on baggage policy. When there is a full flight, this policy allows for most of the passengers to keep all of their carry on with them. United, along with most of the carriers, do not enforce this policy very strictly. Which is one bag in the overhead and one under the seat in front of you. Unless you are on the bulkhead, then you must store everything in the overhead. Fair enough, they are not very strict. Well, on this return flight, it was full. Because there were six or eight united employees returning to DC as passengers. Each one of them had at least three large bags. As we were boarding, the flight crew was telling us "This is a full flight, please observe our carry on policy" Yet not speaking to any of her colleagues. All I ask is enforce this policy, I should not ha


Well I am here in Chicago, I have been here before back in the 1992, but this time, I didn't have much spare time. I did get the opportunity to visit the Hard Rock Cafe , Miller's Pub , and Portillo's . I left DC on Sunday and it was in the high 60s and I was sweating at the airport. Woke up this morning to SNOW!! It was lake effect, but still, snow. I had to buy some gloves and an ear warmer. Brrr. I am from Florida for crying out loud. I am staying at the Palmer House, its an older hotel, very upscale, and they charge for everything. The stay here was overall, 3 out of 5 stars for me. I think there is points deducted for value, which there is none. Internet is $20 bucks a day, not free wi-fi, and the room, although spacious, lacks amenities like a coffee pot and fridge. Tomorrow I head home, and My Sunshine and I are planning on doing our taxes, going to see WATCHMEN and Tuxedo shopping. We might even venture out to see the St Patrick's day parade.

Movies and Friends

Tronster is relaxing before an assignment to Seattle. Laundry, preparing the house for Non-occupation for a few days, and Dinner and movies with friends. So we went and saw the new Underworld We enjoyed the movie, and had dinner at California Pizza Kitchen. While we were eating someone had parked for a very long time in a 15 min parking spot. What was interesting was the fact that the local Mall Call ( we will call him paul bart) had hovered around this vehicle and then wrote the vehicle several tickets. According to our waiter they would not tow. About 30 min later the owner shows up, and Paul Bart keeps talking to her. Explaining the error of her ways and then lets her go. He cancels the tow truck. Which as we were leaving, we saw show up. I guess they can tow. It was a conversation piece for the evening. Keep checking back for seattle travel notes. Tronster


Thursday I was in Texas, at Starbucks, having a shaken Ice Tea. It was really good, and I sat with some co-workers, OUTSIDE. It was warm and the conversation was great. Now, back to reality, I am in DC and it is to cold to walk, much less have an Ice Tea. I returned to Dulles Airport yesterday and the inauguration weekend has begun. It turns out there are more people in line at the bathroom in Dulles than in the entire airport of El Paso. Another funny thing, El Paso airport is "international". Go figure, I bet they have two flights a week to Mexico, which is less than 10 miles from the airport. Ha Ha Dulles was a mad house last night and I bet it will not improve for another week or so. Thanks PEBO (president Elect Barack Obama). This is your week, enjoy it. (Like he reads my little ol' blog) Now I am washing the clothes and preparing for a party tonight, I will probably wear long johns tonight. Have a great weekend Tronster

EL Paso

Blogging live from El Paso Texas. This is my 2nd time in Texas. So far it has been pretty good. The weather is nicer here than in Washington, so that is a plus. But things are different here. Border towns are always fun, you have a mixture of cultures. For example, we ate at a great Mexican restaurant, called the Little Dinner and Tortilla Factory. This place was in the boondocks here, away from civilization, but apparently still located in the USA. If you are ever here in El Paso, check it out. Don't be discouraged when your Navigation system tells you to turn down this dark road with no lights, there is a place to eat back there. Another strange thing I saw here, on a billboard. Two different companies rented the sign. One organization was for the Organ Donor program. It said "Do you have the heart to be an organ donor?" I thought to myself, that is a catchy little phrase. But the other half of the billboard said, "30 Day free trial" How exac

Welcome Back

Whew, what a week. Tronster will soon be Tronster+ if he doesn't quit eating. The holidays are always a time of increased food intake, but this has been the biggest increase I can remember. I will have to cut back on all that eating unless I plan on changing my wardrobe. With that said. I wanted to send a shout out to all my buddies, "If you are not a Gator you are Gator Bait" Ask the Oklahoma Sooners. The Gator defense was all over them on Thursday night. What a great game, and the Gators emerge Victorious. There should still be a playoff system, but this year, the Gators program were fortunate and then they won the BCS championship bowl. This weekend, Tronster will be heading south to get some sun. Texas bound. I can go there and watch the playoffs with my Favorite NFC team, the Dallas Cowboys. For some reason, my trip to El Paso will take 8 hours by air. Yeah!!. I will swing through Denver, go Figure, to get there. Keep checking back. Peace


Well readers, I have been slacking a bit. Not keeping you all in the loop. It has been a great year. I have traveled and met some great people. Best of all I am in a mature relationship with a great woman. My Sunshine. Anyway, as this year passes and the New Year comes, I want to wish all of you a great new year and I hope you have a prosperous one. This new year will present each of us with new challenges and new adventures. Stay tuned for the Adventures of Tronster. One of my resolutions is to complete an update every week. No matter how boring the week might have been, I will do better. So, to Sunshine and her friends, thanks for being so cool and welcoming to the new guy. To my old friends, thanks for being there this year. And to all my family, I love you and I pray your year will be good. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!