Saturday, January 17, 2009


Thursday I was in Texas, at Starbucks, having a shaken Ice Tea. It was really good, and I sat with some co-workers, OUTSIDE. It was warm and the conversation was great. Now, back to reality, I am in DC and it is to cold to walk, much less have an Ice Tea.

I returned to Dulles Airport yesterday and the inauguration weekend has begun. It turns out there are more people in line at the bathroom in Dulles than in the entire airport of El Paso. Another funny thing, El Paso airport is "international". Go figure, I bet they have two flights a week to Mexico, which is less than 10 miles from the airport. Ha Ha Dulles was a mad house last night and I bet it will not improve for another week or so. Thanks PEBO (president Elect Barack Obama). This is your week, enjoy it. (Like he reads my little ol' blog)

Now I am washing the clothes and preparing for a party tonight, I will probably wear long johns tonight.

Have a great weekend


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Kirby said...

I seem to remember calling you while you were out there enjoying that tea.

Juneau Alaska

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