Tuesday, January 13, 2009

EL Paso

Blogging live from El Paso Texas. This is my 2nd time in Texas. So far it has been pretty good. The weather is nicer here than in Washington, so that is a plus. But things are different here.

Border towns are always fun, you have a mixture of cultures. For example, we ate at a great Mexican restaurant, called the Little Dinner and Tortilla Factory. This place was in the boondocks here, away from civilization, but apparently still located in the USA. If you are ever here in El Paso, check it out. Don't be discouraged when your Navigation system tells you to turn down this dark road with no lights, there is a place to eat back there.

Another strange thing I saw here, on a billboard. Two different companies rented the sign. One organization was for the Organ Donor program. It said "Do you have the heart to be an organ donor?" I thought to myself, that is a catchy little phrase. But the other half of the billboard said, "30 Day free trial" How exactly does that work? Just wondering.

Anyway, one more little story to share. On the flight to El Paso, the airline filled our plane with to much fuel. Which is better than not enough, however, we were overweight. The airline representative came on and said we had to shed eight people, they then called out 3 names. These individuals were on standby and would have to catch the next flight. Anyway, she then said "We needed to remove 8 people from the flight, and I have already gotten 3 off, can we get 6 more volunteers?" mmmm, I guess she was asleep on basic math day at school.

That's all for now, take care and have a great night.


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