Saturday, January 24, 2009

Movies and Friends

Tronster is relaxing before an assignment to Seattle. Laundry, preparing the house for Non-occupation for a few days, and Dinner and movies with friends.

So we went and saw the new Underworld

We enjoyed the movie, and had dinner at California Pizza Kitchen. While we were eating someone had parked for a very long time in a 15 min parking spot. What was interesting was the fact that the local Mall Call ( we will call him paul bart) had hovered around this vehicle and then wrote the vehicle several tickets. According to our waiter they would not tow. About 30 min later the owner shows up, and Paul Bart keeps talking to her. Explaining the error of her ways and then lets her go. He cancels the tow truck. Which as we were leaving, we saw show up. I guess they can tow. It was a conversation piece for the evening.

Keep checking back for seattle travel notes.


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