Saturday, January 10, 2009

Welcome Back

Whew, what a week.

Tronster will soon be Tronster+ if he doesn't quit eating. The holidays are always a time of increased food intake, but this has been the biggest increase I can remember. I will have to cut back on all that eating unless I plan on changing my wardrobe.

With that said. I wanted to send a shout out to all my buddies, "If you are not a Gator you are Gator Bait" Ask the Oklahoma Sooners. The Gator defense was all over them on Thursday night. What a great game, and the Gators emerge Victorious. There should still be a playoff system, but this year, the Gators program were fortunate and then they won the BCS championship bowl.

This weekend, Tronster will be heading south to get some sun. Texas bound. I can go there and watch the playoffs with my Favorite NFC team, the Dallas Cowboys.

For some reason, my trip to El Paso will take 8 hours by air. Yeah!!. I will swing through Denver, go Figure, to get there. Keep checking back.


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