Saturday, March 14, 2009

Home Again

I generally fly united airlines. I like them. I have "status" with them, so my luggage is free. There is one thing thats chaps my hide. That is when people fail to follow the carry on baggage policy. When there is a full flight, this policy allows for most of the passengers to keep all of their carry on with them. United, along with most of the carriers, do not enforce this policy very strictly. Which is one bag in the overhead and one under the seat in front of you. Unless you are on the bulkhead, then you must store everything in the overhead. Fair enough, they are not very strict. Well, on this return flight, it was full. Because there were six or eight united employees returning to DC as passengers. Each one of them had at least three large bags. As we were boarding, the flight crew was telling us "This is a full flight, please observe our carry on policy" Yet not speaking to any of her colleagues. All I ask is enforce this policy, I should not have to store my single item under the seat or eight rows up, just because they don't want to enforce their own policies.

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