Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Returned to casa de Tronster

So, I was on assingment in Fort Lauderdale for 21 days. I returned
home for a day and a half and then flew to New Orleans. I was working
there for 3 days. I did take time to eat at Patty O's. It was very
good. The Gator and wings ( and a house salad) was my dinner.
I then flew home for a night and off to Miami for a 5 day cruise
aboard the Carnival Destiny. So relaxing and so much fun with my
I am now in the airport waiting to fly to Fort Worth Texas for ten
days of work. After spending an insane amount of money on the cruise,
it is time to build the coffers up to my next vacation.
Take care and let me know what's happening in your day.

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