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Knowing is half the battle.

This week, I was in training for a new professional certification.  The instructor was a product of the 80s.  Very similar to me.  Hence the title of this post, from a cartoon when I was kid. The training was a very intense schedule from 8 in the morning until 9 at night.  We finished today with the test.  I have now past the CompTia Sec+ test.  Eventually they should send me the certification.  I am relieved that I have finished and past the certification. Further professional develop will follow me from now on.  I was once sent an article that explained that the IT business might not be for people who do not like to learn new things all the time.  I can clearly see how that is true. This certification does not make me an expert, however, it has opened my eyes to some of the events that are going on around us. Enjoy the week.

Movie Watching : The First showing of the day.

My wife and I love movies. We have a large collection of DVDs and we always go to the movies. Lately we have been checking out the first showing at the local theater. Because the first show is significantly less expensive. When we go to dinner and a movie, it costs the two of us close to $100. When we go to the first showing, its $12. Thats a bargain. So Saturday we went to see a movie at the first show. Afterwards I bought my wife a new purse for $225. I think the dinner and a movie would have saved me a couple bucks. - Posted using BlogPress from my iPad

Family Fun

A little history.  My wife and I both work full time.  I know, a big surprise in today's economy.  BEing residents of the Washington DC metro area, we both get up pre-dawn to go to work.  When the weekend arrives we generally have a pattern.  Saturdays we hang out and do stuff, and on Sunday's, we go to church and act lazy around the house. Yesterday, we went to the movies for the first show.  The most economical show.  It was St. Patrick's Day, so went to McDonald's for the Shamrock Shake.  We enjoyed them, they were rich and creamy.  Very refreshing. After the movie and Shakes, we went for a round of Putt-Putt.  I won.  Sunshine (my wife) was just like a kid.  We had so much fun. My advice to all you, remember to spend quality time with your family.  Those are the times you will look back on with fondness and joy in your heart.

You cannot make this stuff up!

I want to share a story about a scooter. I have a friend that lives in NJ. Apparently it is not easy just to change your drivers license in NJ. My friend was selling a scooter. He listed it on Facebook and Craig's list. It was reasonably priced and a buyer quickly called. After the final negotiations, the buyer paid for the scooter and them loaded into his van and drove home. When he arrived home, he unloaded the scooter and put it in front of his place. The following day he goes to work. Upon his return he is horrified to find the scooter is gone. He could not remember if it was there when he left. He just knows its not there now. He contacts the local PD and discovers it has been towed. Why, you might ask? Because it lacked a tag. Fine. He goes to the impound lot and finds that he is unable to pick up the scooter. He does not have a valid NJ license to operate a motorcycle. You see, the buyer just moved to NJ the week before. And has not had the opportunity to get all that st

Return of Tronster to his soap box.

A soap box is what this is for now, as I get back into writing. There will be reviews of local eateries as well as movies.  I will also comment on local news, politics and life in general.  I will always appreciate your time and try not to make to many grammatical or spelling errors.  Just remember, I am a product of the District of Columbia Public School system. Today is Saturday and the wife and I will be running errands and hanging out with friends this evening.  I have acquired the blogger app for my iPhone and will be able to post activities.  As this adventure in writing progress, tell your friends, your enemies and your family to check out what I think. The social media craze of the last few years has hampered the blogger world.  However, I believe if there is good content on the page, people will read.  So hang in there, and lets give this thing a whirl.

Back in the saddle

Well it has been some time since I posted last. So let me just say. "I'm back.". To both of my fans, thanks for reading and be prepared for more updates.