Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Knowing is half the battle.

This week, I was in training for a new professional certification.  The instructor was a product of the 80s.  Very similar to me.  Hence the title of this post, from a cartoon when I was kid. The training was a very intense schedule from 8 in the morning until 9 at night.  We finished today with the test.  I have now past the CompTia Sec+ test.  Eventually they should send me the certification.  I am relieved that I have finished and past the certification.

Further professional develop will follow me from now on.  I was once sent an article that explained that the IT business might not be for people who do not like to learn new things all the time.  I can clearly see how that is true.

This certification does not make me an expert, however, it has opened my eyes to some of the events that are going on around us.

Enjoy the week.

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