Saturday, March 10, 2012

Return of Tronster to his soap box.

A soap box is what this is for now, as I get back into writing. There will be reviews of local eateries as well as movies.  I will also comment on local news, politics and life in general.  I will always appreciate your time and try not to make to many grammatical or spelling errors.  Just remember, I am a product of the District of Columbia Public School system.

Today is Saturday and the wife and I will be running errands and hanging out with friends this evening.  I have acquired the blogger app for my iPhone and will be able to post activities.  As this adventure in writing progress, tell your friends, your enemies and your family to check out what I think.

The social media craze of the last few years has hampered the blogger world.  However, I believe if there is good content on the page, people will read.  So hang in there, and lets give this thing a whirl.

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