Wednesday, March 14, 2012

You cannot make this stuff up!

I want to share a story about a scooter.
I have a friend that lives in NJ. Apparently it is not easy just to change your drivers license in NJ. My friend was selling a scooter. He listed it on Facebook and Craig's list. It was reasonably priced and a buyer quickly called. After the final negotiations, the buyer paid for the scooter and them loaded into his van and drove home. When he arrived home, he unloaded the scooter and put it in front of his place. The following day he goes to work. Upon his return he is horrified to find the scooter is gone. He could not remember if it was there when he left. He just knows its not there now. He contacts the local PD and discovers it has been towed. Why, you might ask? Because it lacked a tag. Fine.

He goes to the impound lot and finds that he is unable to pick up the scooter. He does not have a valid NJ license to operate a motorcycle. You see, the buyer just moved to NJ the week before. And has not had the opportunity to get all that stuff changes over yet. The buyer contacts my friend, who sold the scooter, and asks for some help. The impound lot charges 35 dollars a day for storage. So the my friend picks up scooter from the lot to help out his customer.

The buyer had negotiated a price $50 less than the asking price, it's been in the impound for 3 days.

Do the math folks.

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